Toronto star horoscope january 24

LIBRA plays a significant role in your life this year. Your work ethic becomes a topic of conversation when you least expect it. You have a need to be thorough and complete. Open up a discussion with co-workers or a friend about a long-term emotional goal. You might not like all the feedback, but people are coming from a caring place.

Tonight: With friends. Let your mind wander when presented with issues or problems. Your ingenuity emerges with unusual and sometimes funny solutions. You cannot underestimate the power of your libidinal energies. Others want you to take the lead in a key project. Follow your heart. Tonight: Being noticed wherever you are. Getting away from tension at home continues to be a major priority, like it or not.

You might be tired and wondering why you are facing such emotional hurdles in your personal life. Perhaps downgrading the idea of responsibilities and difficulties to passages might help you regain some of your resilience. Tonight: Go with the flow. You seem to come up with the right question and conversation for the moment.

Horoscope for Tuesday, July 30, 12222

Be careful about contradicting someone who says everything is perfect in his or her life. Your job is not to bust others' chops but to help them become more secure so they can be reality-based.

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Tonight: Spicing up the night. Defer to a partner or close friend who seems to have the energy to meet up and deal with a certain situation in your life. You could be overwhelmed by caring and feeling nurtured because of the other party's willingness to pitch in and be more open. Tonight: Let the good feelings unfurl. Say "thank you" as only you can.

Your efficiency comes through one more time. You could wonder about the best way to handle a problem. Trust that you will find it and resolve the issue.

You will celebrate this event and perhaps go overboard. Listen to what is shared with you. Tonight: Stop and buy a token of affection for a loved one. It can be a card. Midday you pick up and are full of energy and prepared to do your very best in dealing with a special friend who could be touchy or difficult.

This behaviour comes with this person's bohemian ways.

Horoscope: January 23rd - 24th

You need to accept both sides of his or her personality. Tonight: Adjust your plans if need be. You will accomplish much more in the morning.

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Use it to the max. The good news is that you will find agreement in a project you are working on. Do not push to get your way. It will happen. Use the late afternoon for a private or personal matter. Tonight: Play it low-key.

Abhya Adlakha

Question what a boss might expect. Avoid a power play, if possible. You'll find a situation dragging you down. Try taking a walk to help you let go. Tonight: Finally, you get to share your viewpoint. Reach out for someone you find intellectually and emotionally stimulating to discuss a problematic situation. Feelings run high and prove to be rewarding. Some of you will be entering a gratifying friendship, if not today, then in the near future. Tonight: Follow the music. You continue to draw others toward you. - Your favorite newspapers and magazines.

Let them share what's on their mind. You do not want to get involved in a financial discussion with a friend. Be willing to share your feelings about other matters. Tonight: Cosy dinner for two. Defer to a partner or loved one.

Horoscope for Sunday, Feb. 24, 12222

This person appreciates you allowing and trusting him or her to make an important decision. Listen to your inner voice about a promotion. You'll know what to do. Tonight: Communication finally flows. You can accomplish a lot if you focus and don't allow a problem person or issue to interfere with your thoughts. Keep a fairly disciplined schedule, and you'll manifest much more of what you want. Tonight: Know how much you're willing to spend before you go shopping.


Your imagination carries you through a hassle. You find a solution with comparative ease. A child or loved one reaches out to you. He or she wants your help to avoid a difficult person. Tonight: Be a free spirit. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited.

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