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Though self-reliant and good with money, Pigs are usually lucky enough for help to materialize when needed.

They love to socialize and have no trouble making and keeping friends. They are loyal, compassionate, intuitive, optimistic, and have a good sense of humor. Pigs have an enormous appetite for all the pleasures of life. Marriage Line. Children Line. Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Pig Personality Traits.

Dependent on others and make a detour when there is a difficulty. Indolent, poor operating capability, impatient and submit to the will of Heaven once there is something cannot overcome. Infirm, emotional, self-tolerant and lack of discrimination to lies. Lack of suspicion and often be cheated. Short-tempered, impulsive, lack of communication and coordination. Female Pigs are suspicious. Male Pig Personality : Male Pigs are low-key, cheerful, mild-tempered, good-natured, understanding and dedicated, showing insightful views for many things. However, they can be easily deceived since they often trust others readily.

Pig Love Compatibility

Female Pig Personality : Females under the Pig sign are quite optimistic. They don't have high standards for living quality and only seek peace and kindness. They are gentle and kind-hearted and they are the perfect match for a lot of males. The overly conventional thinking tends to be an obstacle in their career prospects. The Pig people of different elements have different personalities.

East Meets West

Please click the following links to get personalities for the five types of Pigs. The pig people born in different periods of a day have different personalities and fortune: The Pig people born in the morning are moody, mercurial, look like brave but reckless. When dealing with affairs, they usually do pushily without careful consideration.

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So, they are always driven from pillar to post and get no result. Due to this character trait, their path through life is mostly hard. To change the fortune, the best policy is, to look before you leap.

12222 Chinese Horoscope For pig

The Pig people born at noon have the fighting spirit as the wild boars. Once there are opportunities, they will have courage to do. Perhaps, you had a challenging relationship that taught you how to be a partner, and now you are free for a healthy marriage. Ghost Stars may cause some people to give up on partnership altogether and choose to be alone, while deep down hoping to meet the right person. Or they may choose unconventional patterns of relationship that do not fit into social norms.

A classic story here is the young man who marries before going off to war. Every day he looks at the wallet photo, yearning to be home with his love. Back home, she waits patiently for him to return. He dies in battle, and his last thought is of getting back to her. In the bardo, he searches for her and finds that she remarried and forgot about him. Or, she never marries again and forever laments her long-lost love. Two generations later, you inherit the pattern of longing for your lost love from your great uncle and spend your life searching for the perfect person who is always out of reach.

It is also possible to have no significant Fate with a life partner, in which case you are free to choose and be chosen.

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  • Not everyone has a match made in heaven, and not everyone is fated to struggle. And yes, there is potential for love and happily ever-after, but it is rare. We do hear stories of people who marry their high-school sweetheart and grow old together. This House reveals our Ancestral Mandate to create more Ancestors; it reveals our Fate with children and parenting.

    You own them big and so give them human birth, which they then owe in return and must repay through gratitude and service. Parenting, in this sense, is about completing Fated obligations and letting go of freedom. It is important to note that this House tells us about your Fate as a Parent, not about the Fate of your children, although it can give a hint to their Character.

    If significant Stars show up here, it is therefore important to complete the Fate indicated to have a fulfilling life. People with significant Stars here who choose not to have children may be missing out on an important relationship that otherwise would have been crucial to their Fate. Today, many people are choosing not to be parents, and probably for good reason, and many are having children much later in life. Clearly, some people are born to be Parents.

    Strong Fated Stars mean that being a parent provides all the important life lessons and becomes central to your understanding of what it means to be human. A Fated past life connection with a Child brings deep joy, meaning, and fulfillment to life. This may be a great grandmother coming back as your child. In this case, the Chinese would often name children after Ancestors.

    If you research your genealogy, you may find that you are a dead-ringer for one of your Ancestors, in which case you may be a returning Ancestor. This House indicates how to be a parent. Some children require a lot of attention, guidance, and advice. We assume that children are innocent and helpless, but this is almost never the case. Some kids need to be left alone to wander in the woods and skin their knees; others are very sensitive and need a lot of protection to flourish. Yin Stars are often interpreted as girls, and Yang Stars are often interpreted as boys, and although this is somewhat accurate, it is not always the case.

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    The nature of the different Stars indicates what kind of support that may be. If you give birth to an Oracle who sees ghosts, they may require a different kind of upbringing than a Vassal who should play team sports. This House also brings up an important idea that we have difficulty accepting in America—that a child may resolve your Fate for you.

    The New Astrology Chapters

    You may work hard in your career, and your child may become the artist you always wanted to be. We also believe that children are expenses. Many people say they will have kids when they get their lives in order, when they make enough money, or get the right job. But this House suggests that children might bring this Fate. Having a child may create the Fate opportunities you are seeking. You may be poor, but if you have the fate to give birth to an Empress, and she demands a castle, then her Fate may cause dad to get a promotion and raise.

    Liu Ming would often tell people to have children even if their lives are not perfect, for the children bring the order and resources. As I said earlier, this House is about Jing, so Fate here may reveal a Fated pattern around sexuality, sexual identity, or their physical reproductive system.

    The Year of the Pig | Astrology by Eugenia Last

    I have seen many instances of this being the case, although it can be a sensitive subject that clients are shy to discuss. Ghost Stars here can indicate miscarriages, abortions, difficulty conceiving, and so on. These kinds of ghost can linger and produce the odd feeling that someone who is supposed to be here is absent.