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The Seventh House Traditionally, marriage but these days living together, therefore wife, lover, sex life are associated with this house. These days, it should be seen for business and business partnership, foreign countries, and even settlement abroad and death. The Eighth House Legacies, inheritance, sudden financial gains, wills are the positive side of this house while the negative side is long illnesses, cause of death, sexual and conjugal life. The Ninth House The father though the tenth house should also be seen spiritual tendencies, devotion, learning, pilgrimages, association with legal and religious personalities are the commonest factors seen from this house.

It being the house of luck, a good ninth house improves a horoscope. The Eleventh House All types of gains, titles, honors, elder brothers and sisters, business profits are to be seen. The Twelfth House Loss, expenditure, waste etc. These days, foreign journeys, getting settled in a foreign country, trade with a foreign country, jail, imprisonment are necessary and inevitable events to be gleaned from this house.

For spiritual practitioners this is the most important house for the promise of spiritual life and salvation. As has been stated, a long list of events and things to be seen from each of the house can be compiled in hundreds of pages.

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What has been given here is for day to day use only. Useful Information About Rashis In making predictions about various events the most essential information that must be made use of is being given in descriptive form partly and in chart-form, partly. In making subtle predictions, the information is made use of but at an advanced stage of an astrological career.

More than seven decades ago, an old astrologer had given in writing to a famous Indian not to go to hills for some years.

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But that could not be avoided as the Indian had to go there to perform his duties. His car slid down the hill and he received multiple fractures. That Indian was running the sub-period of a planet in Simha. Similarly, the rashis are given directions, colour, caste and it is also explained how they rise. The last bit of information about the nature of their rise is made use of for predicting how quickly any work is done when a question is put in prashna astrology horary how soon a work will be done or not and whether there is any promise of auspicious results.

Similarly the quality of a rashi, Sattwic Spirituality Rajasic activity and Tamasic inertia is also useful in psychological-spiritual, mental and other characteristics that manifest in the mahadasha and the antardasha running at a given time. Earlier, part of Memory Tablet was given, P. Now the full Memory Table is being which I have taught successfully to thousands of students in India and in U. The second half of the memory tablet is D. D for Dhana or wealth, monetary gains, the lords that should be seen for this are of the first, second, fifth, ninth and eleventh and of course cords of those houses.

A for Arista or misfortunes of ill health and tragic events. The lords and houses to be seen are the third, sixth, eight and twelfth including the lagna invariably and its lord. R for Rajayoga or combination for rise professionally and otherwise promise of distinctions in various fields. The houses and the lords to be seen are the first, fourth, seventh and tenth and their combinations PAC with the lords of the fifth and the ninth houses.

E for Exchange Some horoscopes have some very special features by overlooking which we astrologers commit serious mistakes. S for special aspects, if any. So the full Memory Tablet is P.

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This is to be applied with the mahadasha and its sub-periods and then transit of planets of predictions. Each of the D. The method evolved here helps one grasp the essentials of horoscope well. It is after this preliminary exercise has been done, that one should go into details. Here as usual, the lagna lord plays the most important role.

Next to the lagna lord, the Moon is important. Then come into play the sixth house and its lord, the eighth house and its lord and the twelfth house and its lord. Generally planets are divided into two categories, malefics and benefics. So against five malefics there are only four benefics, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. Even out of these four benefics, the Moon and Mercury can become ineffective or even malefic if they are in the company of malefic or come under their influence. Then retrograde benefics also lose their natural benefic nature.

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Checklist for Danger Points 1. The Moon and Mercury under malefic influences become malefics. Retrograde benefics lose their beneficence particularly if they are aspected by malefics. The lagna lord placed in the eighth, sixth or twelfth house is bad for health. As usual, the dasha sequence and transit of planets are important in timing such events. The Death Inflicting Planets The lords of the second and seventh houses and planets in the second and the seventh houses and their dasha periods are the periods to be watched, when sicknesses and diseases affect an individual.

There are many other principles. Here only a very easy instance is being given. House-wise they are: For Mesha, Venus as the second and the seventh lord.

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For Vrisha, Mercury as the second lord and Mars as the seventh lord are to be watched. In this way all the death-inflicting planets can be tabulated for all lagnas. For further reading refer to my book, "Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time". Sound Time Tested Principles The sound and time-tested principles of good life and health are: 1.

Benefics in kendras in the lagna, the fourth, seventh and tenth houses and, 2. Malefics in the third, sixth and eleventh houses. Therefore, before examining any horoscope apply the following check-list. Are there benefics in the kendras? Are there malefics in the third, sixth and eleventh houses? Are lagna lord and the Moon ill placed in the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses.

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Is the lagna afflicted? Is the lagna lord afflicted? Is the Moon afflicted?

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Is the mahadasha running along with its sub-period running and the sub-periods to follow promising recovery for continuing sickness or misfortune? Are malefics in transit harmful? Arishta Illustrations Illustration One 1. The lagna is Simha with two malefics and the lagna lord is the Sun in the sixth house. The Moon is in the sixth house at five degrees and thirty seven minutes and within two degrees of the Sun whose degrees are three and thirty minutes.

It is a weak Moon and so badly placed. Two benefics, Jupiter and Venus are in kendras but are with malefics. There is no malefic in the third or eleventh house. The child was born in the major period of the Sun, which is to be followed by that of the Moon of ten years and of Mars, retrograde, in the lagna. This child born with brain palsy is unable to walk and crawl. Though in the United States of America, the parents of the child who can afford the best of medical treatment being rich, have given up hopes.

The prediction given was that the child would not survive. The last information we received is that the child is nearing its death The Second Illustration This young girl was born in the major period of Mercury, the lagna lord, which is afflicted by Saturn the third aspect and Mars the fourth aspect and is in the second house.

The only benefic Jupiter in the tenth house is retrograde. The only malefic in the eleventh house is Mars which is debilitated, and therefore weak. The Lagna is afflicted by Rahu. After Mercury, there is the period of Ketu of seven years in the seventh house, a killer-house. The dasha to follow is of Venus in the second house afflicted by Saturn and Mars again.

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This girl suffering from failed kidney is struggling between life and death when last information was received. Third Illustration 1. The lagna has malefic eighth lord, Saturn, who is also the ninth lord. The lagna lord, Mercury is debilitated but with Jupiter. Two benefics are in kendras, Mercury and Jupiter but Mercury is debilitated.