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She's the darkest aspect of your personality, that's buried deep in your subconscious. Lilith, at her worst, can express the darkest aspects of the astrological sign she occupies. As you read these sign descriptions ask yourself, "What about my childhood or past lives could have led to this negative behavior?


Lilith in Aries is competitive, has a fierce temper, and an uncontrollable force. She wants to concur, create, and break old standards.

Asteroids In Astrology Interpretation

She rushes in "where angels fear to tread," and the results are often devastating. In Taurus, Lilith is lustful, self-indulgent, and an unapologetic hedonist. She has a voracious appetite for sex, money, food, and all the pleasures of the material world. When her desires are not fulfilled, she's capable of extreme rage. In Gemini, Lilith is petty, childish, and virtually unstoppable.

She's a gossip who changes what she hears to suit herself and wickedly passes untruths along. When angered, she can be just as wicked in what she says. In Cancer, Lilith becomes the dark mother goddess Kali Ma, the ultimate feminist who rages and demands liberation from the traditional female role as mother caregiver and nurturer.

Lilith in Leo is prideful, vain, self-centered, selfish, and only seeks to magnify herself. Lilith in Leo has an otherworldly charm that she uses to manipulate others to her advantage. Rihanna has Black Moon Lilith in Leo. In Virgo, Lilith takes Virgo's obsession with perfection to new heights. Here, Lilith has a fragile self-image, takes a vow of purity, suppresses her sexual instincts. In Libra, Lilith is both desirable as a mate but individuated enough to have her own life.

Here Lilith rages against the independent demoness energy that defines her and creates problems in her relationships.

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In Scorpio, Lilith feels happy and at home. Scorpio gives her the freedom to explore sex, death, and other taboos.

The Significance of Asteroids in Astrology:

Plus, she has amplified powers of seduction, business acumen, and psychic abilities. In Sagittarius, Lilith believes her truth is the only truth and rejects religions and laws.

She's not afraid of excesses and will do or say anything. She'll flat out lie, and when she gets called out, she'll lie about lying. In Capricorn, Lilith is greedy and insatiable when it comes to success and social status.

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  6. Who is Lilith?!
  7. Whether it's in the bedroom or the boardroom, she's looking at it as an investment. In Aquarius, Lilith desire freedom at all cost, even if it results in ridicule. She's distant, almost alien and bored by conventional gender assignments in sexuality and romance. Pain represents a kind of pleasure for her and she can be drawn to abusive partners or be an abusive partner. In more recent times Lilith was the namesake of " Lilith Fair, " a music festival that smashed the glass ceiling by featuring all-female singers and musicians.

    Lilith in Aries

    Lilith Fair was co-founded by Sarah McLachlan. Sarah became angry at promoters who refused to feature two female singers or musicians in a row during touring concerts and decided to do something. Her anger gave birth to the Lilith Fair and she named it in honor of the Lilith of Hebrew lore that says Lilith was Adam's first wife who would not lie beneath him, because she was his equal. It is possible that instead of Lilith as a specific demoness, the myth invokes one of her lil air spirit predecessors.

    Lilith is not mentioned by name anywhere else in ancient Sumer. Including Lilith in one's Astrological studies opens a dimension of themes which are not otherwise available through the traditional planets. Attempting to work with Lilith, however, can be a non-starter for many.

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    6. Even if you beat your way past the intimidating depth of Lilith's history, you must now decide which Lilith points to use and what they mean, with sparse resources to guide you on your way. Some Astrologers only use one of the Lilith points in their work, which is often the mean Black Moon Lilith; others follow Kelley Hunter's suggestion that the entire area between the positions of mean and true Black Moon Lilith in a natal chart can create a 'Black Moon corridor' of influence.

      The Importance of Lilith in Astrology & The Divine and Sacred Feminine Principal - TarotbyTashi

      Demetra George, asteroid extraordinaire, has proposed that the three Lilith points Asteroid Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith, and Black Moon Lilith, in that order act as an astrological triptych, outlining the progression of Lilith's mythical narrative, whilst also connecting Lilith to the ancient symbology of the threefold Triple Moon Goddess. While it's my opinion that all of the Lilith points can act as a gateway of inspired self-discovery, I must admit that I'm partial to the 'true' Black Moon Lilith as I feel its wild nature best reflects Lilith's uncontainable energy.

      In my view, Lilith is a lunar heroine. If the solar heroes such as Gilgamesh and Hercules must vanquish an external enemy and save the day, Lilith as a lunar heroine follows in the path of Inanna and Psyche as she leads us to vanquish our internal enemies - and save ourselves. This is a test of body and soul, rich with wisdom and wildness; hers is a journey to the depths of the dark, rich Earthen core that resides within each of us, a place ruled by instinct alone. Like the Moon, Lilith teaches the importance of death and eventual rebirth, or as Rumi once mused about the darkness of the New Moon, she 'teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly.

      Asteroid Lilith was discovered in ; it is one of the many asteroids scattered in a belt of small objects between Mars and Jupiter. Though asteroid was not purposefully named after Lilith as we know her it was in fact, named after a French composer, nicknamed 'Lili' , it has been adopted by Astrologers as one of several Lilith points in use. It's important to know that asteroid Lilith is also the only physical celestial object associated with Lilith.

      Frequently asked questions

      Asteroid Lilith's orbital period is roughly four years and four months, spending about four months in each sign. With asteroid Lilith, we meet Lilith in the Garden of Eden as she rages against Adam's suggestion that she accepts her role as subordinate help-meet. Here, Lilith is unafraid and unrepentant: she is completely unconcerned with partnering and decidedly uninterested in compromise.

      Lilith willingly chooses self-exile instead of resigning herself to a life half-lived. She is certain of her value and ready to go to any lengths to prove to herself and others how deep her belief lies. The struggle with asteroid Lilith is to move past the rage and into true power: while Lilith successfully flees an undesirable, untenable, and humiliating situation, as Judith Plaskow states, 'Lilith by herself is in exile and can do nothing. Asteroid Lilith may force us to wake up and smell the non-compromise, a necessary step on the path towards standing more firmly in our power.

      And when we operate from that space, there is no need to flee. Some Astrologers have noted that asteroid Lilith may be connected with an activist mentality; strong Lilith placements in a chart can indeed indicate a vocal, upstart personality that 'rages against the machine' and takes it to the streets. As asteroid Lilith is the only tangible celestial object associated with Lilith's archetype, it's also possible that we may initially relate more easily with asteroid Lilith by house, sign, and aspect than Black or Dark Moon Lilith, which are more nuanced.

      Asteroid Lilith's symbol was designed to resemble an upraised hand, an appropriate icon that easily connects with Lilith's rejection of Adam's dominance a progenitor of 'talk to the hand'? There is another lesser known point associated with Lilith called the 'Dark Moon' or 'Waldemath' Lilith h The Dark Moon Lilith is not a physical object like asteroid Lilith, and nor it is a calculated celestial point like Black Moon Lilith; the Dark Moon Lilith is a hypothetical - but as of yet, unproven - secondary satellite to the Earth gliding somewhere beyond the Moon, hidden in a dust cloud.

      Similar to mythical Lilith, it is hard to pin down the Dark Moon Lilith, which has a troubled history of discovery and loss. For the Western mind, the desert is akin to death, but for the people who live in and among those shifting sands, the desert is a holy, silent place where one seeks spiritual respite; as Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, 'what makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well. And yet, the desert is still a place our projections go to die: without flora, fauna, or the mirror of society and its infinite distractions, we are left with only ourselves.

      Dark Moon Lilith can describe by house, sign, and aspect where we need to go, psychically but even physically, to reach this kind of release. All of us, in one way or another, hold an innate release valve for offloading the toxic inner material that builds up over time and calcifies within the psyche. Part of the process of working with Dark Moon Lilith is recognizing as we heal from our rage that much of what we have built up as our 'story' is an unhelpful narrative of victimization masquerading as fact.

      We may need to let go of our fantasy version of events to find peace. If we do not, we may find ourselves cycling endlessly between the rage of Asteroid Lilith and the self-exile of Dark Moon Lilith, forever finding the reasons for our pain in other people, and unable to heal its true source within ourselves. Dark Moon Lilith's symbol is a circle with a dash running across it, associating the Dark Moon Lilith's with it's invisible non-existent? Dark Moon Lilith's themes: internal conflict, deeply-rooted psychic pains and wounds in need of purging, unconscious indulgence of shadow material, the need to meet one's demons, removing one's self from society to lick wounds and find healing, distorted thinking, fantasies of rage, revenge, and retaliation, being overpowered by the toxic subconscious, the need to sit with pain and see it for what it is, working through feelings of shame and indignation, one's experience of the Terrible Mother, the experience of the brutal, dead places within us and others.

      Black Moon Lilith, which comes in two variations: 'true,' sometimes called 'osculating' h13 , and 'mean' h Mean Black Moon Lilith is the more popular of the two and is often the default point generically labeled as Black Moon Lilith in Astrological reports online.